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The privacy policy outlined here governs the use of website address as well as any service offered onsite, in conjunction with the Terms of Service. The terms ‘We’ or ‘Us’ refers to the site owners and site contributors wherever they are employed in the Privacy Policy. Anyone using the Site or any of the Services offered, and anyone clicking on the Site agrees to this Privacy Policy and is deemed as a “user” as far as this Policy is concerned. This Policy applies to all users, without exception and all users understand and accept the terms outlined in the Privacy Policy when they use the Services. Throughout this Privacy Policy, the “Site” refers to the
According to the UK Data Privacy Act, we secure all the Customer’s Data we receive.
In the event file, you are using our site or services. If you need any simplifications or have any questions or you want to convey your opinions to us about this Privacy Policy do write to this address XXXXXXXXX: or you can email us at XXXXXXX.
The use of information we gather onsite
When you visit Mixteca site or click on any of the links/ pages, data is collected. All such data that is collected as a result of your stay is consistently treated as confidential. We will never divulge any of this to any external entities without taking your consent beforehand.
We collect names of our users and store them in our database. At times or regularly, we send out e-mails to the users in our database. If you do receive such emails from us and you wish to opt out, there is an option to unsubscribe, link provided on the emails. Following the unsubscribe link through the email ensures that you are excluded from our mailing lists. Please note, this may mean that you do not receive any further electronic communications from our side.
Mixteca is committed to preserving your privacy and to this end, we have implemented, at our end, the necessary security features to protect the misuse of your personal information or its unauthorised access, deletion and use.
However, you understand that we are permitted to release information stored about our users if it becomes necessary to do so by law, or in situations where this is required to enforce our site’s policies or to protect our rights/ safety/ property or that of others.
Please note, that this privacy policy pertains to and applies to the information that is gathered by us online, not the data that we collect through offline sources and tools.
We request you also to go through the Terms of Use section on this site that applies to all individuals using this Site. Please be informed that by using this site, you understand, accept and agree to the terms outlined in the privacy policy.
In the event of any change made to our this policy, these changes will be posted here. Also, emails may be sent intimating users of the same, for those whose email ids are stored in our database.
What kind of information do we collect
On our website, we collect various types of user information including usernames and passwords, contact details, and other kinds of personal/ not- personal data that users input. We may also locate your IP address so that we can ‘recall’ your details on your subsequent visits to our site. We use our discretion to utilise this collected data in the following ways:
– Improve the user’s ability to employ the site and all its features more efficiently
– Enhance customer service
– Personalise your experience
– Improve the overall site
– Process transactions
– Carry out promotional activities, surveys
– Make site functions and features
– Correspond with users via email
– Operate and maintain the site
Sharing of information
At times, we share information that we have collected about users with our distributors, sub- contractors or other authorised third parties that we have associations with. When we do so, we ensure that these entities follow security policies that are as stringent and fool proof as we have in place at our end. It is held safe in all circumstances unless there is a transfer of the business.
There may be situations when we appoint agents to carry out functions on our behalf. These could be activities like fulfilling order deliveries, or customer data analysis or managing customer communications or, marketing assistance or payments processing or in some way enhancing services. These agent companies may be given access to the Personal user Information we have accumulated so that they can perform their allocated functions. However, they are restrained from using this data for any other purposes
When your information may have partaken- If it becomes necessary to do so to prevent or detect credit risk
– If the UK law requires us to do so
– If we receive a request from law enforcement authorities or any government entity
– If we believe that divulging information is necessary to prevent financial loss or physical damage
In other circumstances, we may disclose information about you after we ask for and receive consent from you to do so.
Links to other websites
Some pages of our site may have links to other sites, and the privacy practices of those may not match ours. In such cases, we encourage you to check the privacy policy of those sites beforehand. Please note that we are in no way responsible for privacy issues arising from your interactions on those websites and we have no control over any information you submit to them or data that is collected by them from your interaction.
When you browse websites, cookies, text only data strings, are transferred to your browser’s cookie file on your computer’s hard disk. Aforementioned enables the site to recognise your computer when you come back to the same site. Typically, cookies contain the domain name from where the cookie has come, the cookie’s life span and a random number that represents your computer. Cookies are used to make websites work efficiently, and they also enable site owners to gather vital information.
Cookies may be of two kinds: “first party cookies” or “third party cookies”. First party cookies are transferred directly from the site to your computer. These are by the site’s operator to recognise your computer when you come back to the site. Third party cookies originate from an external party working on behalf of the webmaster. These may be utilised to help the third-party service provider identify your computer when you revisit the site. Usually, these are done for analytics purposes or advertising purposes.
As a user of our site, you should be aware that, when you visit our pages, we transfer a cookie to your computer’s hard disk. We use these in the following ways:
• to recall your recently viewed pages on our site and personalise your browsing experience
• to gather aggregated data that helps us understand how our website is being used and to enhance our site structure
Mixteca uses both “session” cookies, which are temporarily stored and stay in the browser’s cookie file only until you are on our site and “persistent” cookies, which remain in the browser’s cookie file much longer, depending on their specified lifetime.
Disabling/ Enabling Cookies
You could either accept or reject cookies. You do this by modifying the relevant settings in your browser. On most of the browsers, the “help” portion of the toolbar has information on how you can do this. However, we caution you that if you disable cookies, all the features of our website may not function as they should. There may be some functionalities that you cannot use.
Mobile Device Privacy
Our site can also be viewed on a handheld mobile device. If you are browsing our site on such a device, please pay attention to the following.
– When you access our site over your mobile device, we collect various kinds of data such as device type, device identifiers, and data about site usage pattern.
– Information that you provide voluntarily is also collected and so is information gleaned automatically during your browsing activity and your visits to specific pages.
– If your mobile has location services activated, we may also collect this information via our website. In addition to this, your service providers could also be gathering information specific to or about your device during your use of our site. The same applies when you use our mobile apps. Any such information collected by your service provider is in no way associated with any user account you hold with us. Neither is it related to any of the data we have that makes it possible to identify you personally.
Account profiles, Usernames, Passwords
When you are using our site, you may have to enter your valid email address for specific reasons such as, to receive notifications or newsletters. It is your responsibility to update your email id periodically as and when you change it. We reserve the right to terminate a User account wherein a valid email has been requested but not provided by the User.
In case you create a profile on our site, and you set up a user name to be associated with your account/ profile, you agree to pick one that does not mimic someone or cause confusion with any other person or entity. At any point in time, we reserve the right to cancel any User account or modify an existing username or profile information of any user. In case we allow you to create an avatar, upload an image or upload a photograph, you agree that you will use no images that impersonate other persons or entities, or that may cause confusion with other person or entity.
You understand that it is entirely your responsibility to protect your username and password used on our site. You agree that you should not disclose these to any third party. It is highly recommended that you use a password that is over than eight characters long and contains both numeric characters and alphabets. We further point out to you that you are solely responsible for all the activity on your account. These may or may not take place with your consent or authority. In case you detect unauthorised use of your account/ profile on our site, you agree to intimate us immediately by email to XXXXXX. You further understand and agree that to maintain and safeguard your privacy on the interactions you have with us or during your browsing of our site, and you have to use a secure encrypted connection or take any appropriate measures that ensure security.
Trademarks and Copyright
All of the content you find on this site including text, images, videos, graphics, and icons and others, belongs to XXXXXX Restaurants Limited, (Address). These are all protected by the copyright laws in force across UK and Europe. XXXXXX (Business name/ brand) graphics, logos, trade names are trademarks of Business name based in the United Kingdom. Reproduction of these or modification, transmission, distribution, republication is strictly prohibited. However, the content published on this site may be used for informational purposes.
Any queries about this Privacy Policy should be directed to this email id: XXXXXX
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