Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please find the most common answers posed questions regarding
Mixteca. If you don’t seek the answer to your question here, please
feel free to contact us.

1. What is Mixteca?
Mixteca is a favourite South London restaurant specialising in authentic Mexican cuisine. We have a reputation for delectable food, a great spread of the most in-demand Mexican fare, and attentive guest service.

2. What kind of variety do you offer?
We offer an excellent variety of Mexican dishes and fast food. They include:

 Tasty starters
 Nachos
 Soups
 Salads
 Burritos
 Chimichanga
 Enchiladas
 Fajitas
 Fish
 Chicken
 Steak
 Burgers
 Ribs
 Sides
 Desserts
 A lunch menu

3. Do you have a kid’s menu?
Yes, we’re happy to present a kid’s menu for when you bring your tiny tots along! We offer a good choice for meals, drinks and dessert for the niños.

4. What recipe do you use for your dishes?
Unfortunately, we cannot reveal our proprietary recipe :o). The recipe has been handed down from generations.We retain its natural flavour and spirit as we are committed to serving you the best.

5. Can I reserve tables at your restaurant?
Yes, you can book a table or more at our restaurant. Just give us a call: our manager will attend to you and take your reservation.

6. Do you offer catering service?
For the moment, we do not provide catering to homes and parties. If we decide to provide this offer in the future, we will update our website with the relevant information.

7. Do you offer vegetarian dishes?
Yes, there are multiple choices in our menu for vegetarians. We use fresh vegetables with a great flavour and crunchy texture that go well with our tasty sauces and garnishes.

8. How can I look up employment opportunities at Mixteca?
Please visit our ‘Join Us’ page to look at current vacancies.

9. Do you have any offers for diners?
Yes, of course! We have some general and lunch offers that you can make the most of it. There are some competitive discounts and sumptuous meals up for grabs!

10. Can I request for a personalised menu?
If you want us to add a short personalised message, such as a birthday wish, we can incorporate it in your order. Ensure to let us know in advance what you would like us to add.

11. What credit cards do you accept?
We offer all significant credit cards. You should have no difficulty making a payment if you’re a Mastercard, VISA, Discover, Diners Club, American Express card holder.

12. What are your timings?
We are open on all days of the week. We serve lunch from A to Z and dinner from a to b.

13. What is your seating capacity?
–please let us know if these details are available; we will then add it–

14. What drink do you recommend for a hot and spicy Mexican dish?
If the chilli con queso, salsa or any other dish is a bit too hot for your taste, we recommend that you soothe your taste buds with something creamy or starchy, such as beans and rice. You can also dig into the whole of our delicious desserts to replace the spice with sweet goodness.

15. I had a marvellous time at Mixteca. How can I spread the word about your restaurant?
Well, you can always share your recommendations and what you enjoyed most about Mixteca on your social media pages. We have a Social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Foursquare. If you have an account on one or more or all these sites, you can post directly using the social media buttons on our website.