Enjoy the flavour of authentic Mexican cuisine in every bite. We follow a recipe handed down from generations, prepared from ground up, and incorporating only the freshest ingredients.

Two percent of adults in the United Kingdom are living with food allergies that can be potentially hazardous to their health. Ideally, such individuals are advised to dine at restaurants that have a carefully vetted and exclusive menu catering to specific dietary requirements. However, if the allergy is mild or in fact – an intolerance – without any severely uncomfortable or health-harming episodes, diners are advised to exercise caution in eating anything that seemingly doesn’t fit their dietary preferences. We cannot assume liabilities for any contamination and incidences resulting from food consumption.

Please note that there may be some hidden sources of gluten, including preservatives, flavourings, extracts and modified starch in the food. Contamination might occur when food comes in contact with cutting boards, grills and frying pans.

If you have particular dietary preferences, we recommend that you take a look at the allergens list below. It is, by no means, exhaustive; hence, we advise you to inquire with your server once again at the time of ordering.

Menu Soy Wheat Dairy Egg Seed Gluten Tree nuts/Peanuts
Chili Con Queso X
Soft Flour Tortilla X X
Taco (Chicken/Ground Beef/Pulled Pork X X X
Nachos X X X
Burrito (Chicken/Ground Beef/Pulled Pork/Soft vegetables) X X X
Chimichanga (Chicken/Ground Beef/Pulled Pork/Salmon/Vegetables) X X X
Churros X X X
Enchilada (Chicken/Ground Beef/Pulled Pork) X X X
Sour Cream X
156 calories (serving size : 1 taco)

Flauta with chicken
319 calories (serving size: 1 flauta)

447 calories (serving size: 2 pieces)

425 calories (serving size : 1 chimichanga)

323 calories (serving size : 1 enchilada)