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Mixteca-London Restaurant


Mixteca is the South East London Mexican Restaurant with a blend of both European & Mexican Cuisine offering authentic Mexican Foods as well as awesome cocktails.

Mixteca is the brainchild of a group of food connoisseurs and restaurant industry professionals with a particular interest in authentic Mexican cuisine. We have embarked on a mission to give diners a taste of Mexico and the ultimate experience of enjoying meals made with love, soul and age-old recipes from generations ago.Located in South London, whose restaurant scene has never been hotter, Mixteca unites people of all ages with a common goal – savour mouthwatering Mexican food at an excellent value. There’s no chance you’ll miss us – there’s always a continuous stream of diners going in and emerging out of our quaint but elegantly designed restaurant.

If our recipe is at the heart of our restaurant, our menu is the limb that serves you a wide variety of dishes. We have something for every taste and preferences. From some starters, nachos for singletons and group dinners, and appetising soups, to delicious a la carte meals, burritos, chimichanga, enchiladas and fajitas – all the classic Mexican fare that’s notably popular with our diners. We have an extensive selection of burgers, steak, fish dishes, dessert, as well as a kid’s menu and a lunch menu.

Whether you’re a huge fan of Mexican food, or you’re accompanying a friend or significant other who loves Mexican cuisine, you’ll enjoy a memorable dining experience at Mixteca.

Diners to Mixteca appreciate its friendly and welcoming ambience. Some of our patrons address our managers and servers by their first name, and vice-versa. We attract a mixed crowd, from singles and friends to families with kids, older couples and the couple on dates. If you ask then what they’re here for – they’ll most likely say ‘everything’. We have gone the extra mile to ensure that we tick all the right boxes, making not just the food but every facet of the dining experience count.



Our Staff

We love cooking with quinoa from casseroles to taco fillings, crust to bread; it’s healthy, protein packed and versatile. And one of the yummiest ways is to make a tasty Mexican-style dish that will last for several meals and get better with every bite!